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Full Tilt

This working carousel was made from a toy, found items, and polymer clay. For this project, I was influenced by black velvet paintings and Mexican Day of the Dead art.





First Night

Pencil on paper. This is a sample book illustration from a short story I planned last year, taking inspiration from a photograph of a giant bed I found in a magazine.





Capek's Folly

Fur, bone, and found items. This model is a hybrid between a Sylvanian Family-style toy and a biomechanica hybrid soldier. He likes gummi worms.






When You're Evil


The song 'When You're Evil' comes from Voltaire's cd "Devils Bris."
Here's Voltaire's website,
and the cd on Amazon.


It's so easy . . .

Hello & welcome

Visit my new portfolio here! It's the best place to see my work while this site is under construction.

The animatic at the top of the page was produced as part of a self-initiated project, and I'm planning to add more work soon, so keep checking back!

I like emails, epistles, and missives of all sorts! To contact me for work, questions, trivia, or just to chat, press here.