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root and downs

The Root and The Downs

Acrylic on canvas, 2009


tree of wise women

The Tree Of Wise Women

Ink on gesso, 2009


thatcher curses the poor

Margaret Thatcher Curses The P**r

Acrylic on board , 2009


here comes the bride

Here Comes The Bride

Photomontage, 2009


willow and the hunted hare

Willow And The Hunted Hare

Ink on gesso, 2009


painted lady

Painted Lady

Photograph, 2009


green imp

Green Imp

Acrylic on canvas , 2009


the dreaming sphinx

The Dreaming Sphinx

Woodcut, 2008



A Songthrush In My Garden

Acrylic on canvas, 2008


The Romance Of War

The Romance Of War

The Romance Of War 1, from series 1-4
Monotype, 2003


The 4 Horsemen

The 4 Horsemen

Iraq: Apocalypse Now
Woodcut, 2005




What's New


Judith's tenth volume, Sister Invention, is published in April 2014, featuring seventy-two poems and a beautiful cover image by Carolyn Trant.


Carolyn Trant says of Clickety Clackety: "Wickedly grim and darkly subversive." Judith's newest book was published in September 2012, following a launch at the Lewes Artwave Festival.


The Odysseus Poems: Reissued
Judith presents Odysseus' journey for a new generation of readers, in a new edition by Waterloo press. More in Books.


George III Handprinted Pamphlet
The replica eighteenth century 8pp pamphlet poem comes in a scarlet, terra cotta or orange jacket. It is a signed limited edition of 50, printed in period type, black on period white on a specially made replica of an eighteenth century printing press.

You can buy the pamphlet, and see the press, at the Tom Paine Printing Press, 151, High Street, Lewes, or you can order direct from Judith.

You can also enquire about this and some of my other books at Sky-Lark, in the Needlemakers, West Street, Lewes.