midnight George III handprinted pamphlet

Publisher: The Tom Paine Printing Press(2010)


Available from here, or : www.tompaineprintingpress.com


midnight Just After Midnight

Publisher: Enitharmon (2004)
ISBN 1-904634028

Available from: www.enitharmon.co.uk


cyclopsIn Cyclops' Cave
A new translation from Homer's Book 9, The Odyssey.
Publisher: The Greville Press (2003)
ISBN 0 906887747

Available from here, or by post (+75p p&p) from the publisher at: Mellors Court. The Butts. Warwick. CV34 4ST


odysseusThe Odysseus Poems: Fictions on the Odyssey of Homer
A book length sequence, with four full page original etchings by well-known artist Jacqueline Morreau.
Publisher: Waterloo Press (2010)
ISBN 978-1-906742-23-2

Available from here, or from Waterloo Press

‘A sensuous interweaving of the famous voices, Odysseus, Penelope, Kalypso and Circe, even the many headed monster Skylla, they slyly point up the weak links in Odysseus' account of his Great Wanderings. So the hero becomes human: callous, deeply divided in himself, yet courageous and in his fashion true.’


sexSex, Lies and Odysseus

Inquiries here

The (real) truth behind Odysseus, Penelope and the women of The Great Wanderings. An elastic poetry drama text for schools, adapted for 2 or many more speakers/readers, from The Odysseus Poems.


swimmingSwimming Through The Grand Hotel
Poems of love, fantasy, art, politics and landscape.
Publisher: Enitharmon (1997)
ISBN 1-900564-20-3

Available from www.enitharmon.co.uk

The Times Literary Supplement: " a poetry of sensuous immediacy couched in an agile, conversational style."
Stand: "the world made strange, surreal, subterranean fantasia ... an unusual voice in contemporary poetry in Britain."


selectedSelected Poems 1977-1992
Selected poems from all earlier poetry books and some uncollected.
Publisher: Sinclair-Stevenson (1995)
ISBN 1-85619-552-X

Available from: Amazon.co.uk

This selection includes poems from five and more books: The Rabbit Magician Plate (1992 Sinclair-Stevenson), Flame Tree (1988 Methuen), A Poem for Guatemala (1988 The Greville Press), Lets Pretend (1984 Virago), Touch Papers (with Michele Roberts and Michelene Wandor, 1982, Allison and Busby), The Wicked Queen (1980 Sidgwick and Jackson) and Minefield (1977 Sidgwick and Jackson).


rabbitThe Rabbit Magician Plate

Publisher: Sinclair-Stevenson (1992)

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


floridaThe Florida Swamps

Publisher: Oasis Chapbooks (1990)

Available from: Amazon.co.uk



Flame Tree

Publisher: Methuen (1988) /Chatto

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


guatemalaA Poem for Guatemala
Poem cycle
Publisher: The Greville Press (1988)

Available from here, or by post from the publisher at: Mellors Court. The Butts. Warwick. CV34 4ST


pretendLets Pretend
Publisher: Virago (1984)
ISBN 0860686302

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


touchTouch Papers - A Feminist Anthology
(with Michele Roberts and Michelene Wandor)
Publisher: Allison and Busby (1982).

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


wickedThe Wicked Queen
Publisher: Sidgwick and Jackson (1980)
ISBN 0283986255

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


Publisher: Sidgwick and Jackson (1977)
ISBN 0283983868

Available from: Amazon.co.uk


foodFinding Food
Publisher: Lilian Mohin (1976)

Available from: Amazon.co.uk



loveOf Love and Terror
A novel
Publisher: Saqi Books (2002)
ISBN 0-86356-316-3

Available from www.saqibooks.com

‘A story of rivals and lovers, of two woman and a man, of hunted revolutionaries and fat cats, of passion and tragedy. A three generation story woven against a rich and complex political background, it links three very different worlds, Southern England; Key West; and the imaginary mountains of Tiotemala, Central America’. Ruth Fainlight's first novel choice for Christmas, Independent on Sunday.
'"A story rare for these days, where passion and private gain struggle with a sense of right and self... immense subtlety and finesse', Dorothy Schwarz, Quality Women's Fiction.
Ambit Magazine ran a ten page extract from 'Of Love and Terror' in 2001.



Judith contributed to Serpent's Tail's 'God. An Anthology Of Fiction' (1992). Her short stories have also featured in Encounter, Critical Quarterly, London Magazine, Sheffield Thursday and Aquarius' women’s issue.

Foreward to Eminent Victorian Women (History Press, 2008).

Essay 'The Errant Unicorn' in On Gender and Writing (Ed. Michelene Wandor, Thorsons, 1983).

Foreword to Scars Upon My Heart: Women's Poetry and Verse of the First World War (Virago, 1981).



Contour Lines, (Salt Publishing, 2009) a new poetry of landcape, including my poems The Long Man Of Wilmington and The River That Flows Both Ways.
The Kings Lynn Silver Folio, (2009) including my poem My Lover's Eyes, celebrating Tony Ellis of King's Lynn Poetry and Fiction Festivals.
Best Poems on The Underground, (Weidenfeldt and Nicholson, 2009) including my poem Freight Song.
Christmas Cards, (Enitharmon Press, 2005)
A Celebration of Wilfred Owen (The Interpreters House)
Poems On The Underground (Cassells, 2001) featured Judith's poem 'Freight Song', concluding their tenth anniversary anthology
Red Sky At Night, ed: Adrian Mitchell (Many Leaves Press, 2003)
Parents (Enitharmon, 2000)
A Ring of Words (Arvon Prize Anthology, 1998)
Also Mind Readings, Dancing in the Street, the Faber Book of Blue Verse and the Virago Book of Love Poetry etc.



Judith's poems have appeared widely, including The Independent on Sunday, London Magazine, Stand, Ambit, Agenda, Poetry Review, Poetry London, Poetry Wales, The Honest Ulsterman, Chimera, Smith’s Knoll, Poetry Ireland, Red Pepper, The Independent, The New Statesman, Tribune.
The Independent have featured her poems in their column 'The Daily Poem', most recently from ‘The Odysseus Poems’. The Independent on Sunday featured 'Two for the Senora' from ‘Just After Midnight.’


Where to find Judith's work

Some links are given above. Find Judith's published work through www.amazon.com or co.uk and many other web sources. Information also from Contemporary Writers at The British Council.
Locally in Lewes at Skylark Books, The Needlemakers, or for anthologies, Borders in Brighton.
Other details, also poems, and images, are on www.writersartists.net. Otherwise, from libraries like The University Of Sussex Library, The Poetry Library, and Kensington and Chelsea Library.

Or simply email Judith direct for help in finding any of her work.

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